Maize & Blue Fund Sector Pitch: Underweight Energy

As some of you may know, I’m a junior math major at the University of Michigan. I am a member of the student-run Maize & Blue Fund, which is comprised of BBA and MBA analysts who pitch stocks and trade endowed capital upon the theses. As a member of the Economics & Strategy group, I recently pitched an underweight energy recommendation (that did pass). Pretty basic summary given that it’s just the .ppt, but for those of you short energy or oil (or long, for that matter), this may be of some interest to you.


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2 Responses to Maize & Blue Fund Sector Pitch: Underweight Energy

  1. Rohan Clarke says:


    Well reasoned case. For additional evidence, the various purchasing managers surveys out of China are suggesting that industrial demand is slowing. In the metal markets – 1) the run-up in prices is ahead of supply constraints 2) new orders aren’t manufacturing demand driven – suggesting that 3) inventories are climbing. Must have a look at the forward curves for copper and ali – but in meantime you can find a summary of the relevant PMI charts at


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